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Radnor Reflections 3/27/11

This plant was growing beside the parking lot where I was wandering with my camera, waiting for the Deers to arrive for our walk. My wanderings were accompanied by the sound of crashing and hammering from a berserk cardinal attacking one side view mirror after another in the row of parked cars. I feel like doing that on some mornings myself. I’m not positive of the identification, but I think it is some variety of fothergilla.

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  1. Is it a syncarpia? Lovely photo, too, by the way.

    • Thanks, petalpusher. The flower looks right, but not the leaves. The leaves on the one at Radnor look like blackberry leaves. I found pictures of the plant you named by Googling, but it is not listed in any of the 3 plant ID books I have for the this area.

    • I think it may be a Hazelnut.

  2. Mystery name update: It is still a mystery. The only person in the ranger station office this morning didn’t know. I’m not giving up.


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