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First Larkspur Bloom

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Radnor Reflections, March 28, 2011


We’ve been waiting to see it, and last Thursday there was one blooming right beside the path. One is pretty, but thousands of them turning the hillsides to purple is a sight to behold. The cold snap this week has likely slowed the coming extravaganza, but it won’t be long! Last year, I didn’t know yet that Radnor was my new photographic addiction, and I only had my camera phone when we came upon the larkspur.

I was prepared on the next walk, but the blooms were waning and a rainstorm had taken its toll. We determined then that, “good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise,” we would be at Radnor next year to see this beautiful sight. In the South, you have to say that part about the Lord and the creek. It shows either you know you have no control over the future, or it’s meant to ward off bad things happening. Last year, about three weeks after the larkspur bloomed, the creek did rise. The good part is that the larkspur are back after the flood, so maybe repeating the Lord/creek thing every time you make a plan for the future isn’t such a bad idea.

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