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Painting with Spring’s Brush

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Spring Lakescape

Radnor Reflections March 29, 2011

I had to pull my glittens (mitten/gloves that fold back to allow exposed fingers for operating a camera) out of the closet this morning. Temperatures didn’t make it out of the 30’s on our walk, but trees are greener, there are dozens of different wildflowers, including many more of the larkspur that will soon cover the woods around Radnor with purple, and we saw an egret skulking about in the water right in front of this point of land.



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  1. Wow, the redbuds sure add a dramatic splash of color to both the shore and the reflection!
    Love the sort of Maxfield Parrish look to the bottom image but am not sure of what is in there in the yellows and oranges..algae, maybe? The great blue heron in there makes the color changes dreamlike! Oz or whatever fantastical place Parrish had in mind 🙂

    • Well, I thought Mr. bird was an egret, but I’ll take your word. I cannot take on the responsibility of identifying birds as well as plants. Too stressful. OK, I admit to doctoring up the egret/heron because I don’t have the $2500 lens I want and it was too far away and to fuzzy to try to use straight out of the camera, but I was pretty excited about the egret/heron, and wanted to use the picture. Topaz Simplify Sketch gave the image the weird colors, but I thought that kind of went with Spring being in charge of the paintbrush.

      • Yah, always wanted an f2.8 600 mm tele for birds, small mammals and optically extracting wildflowers. hah.
        No matter what the bird is it’s a neat fantastical dreamy sort of image..another good jigsaw, too, with the disturbed-water reflections.

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