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Wooden Bridge

Radnor Reflections, April 7, 2011

The South Cove Trail, labeled difficult, opened again last Sunday, so we turned off our usual path and started the climb on the trail that was destroyed by landslides and fallen trees in the Great Flood of 2010. It’s true that we stopped for a lot of pictures, but we kept wondering when it was going to become ‘difficult.’ We must be doing ourselves some good with our Radnor walks!

The trail is lovely, with the crown jewel being the new bridge designed by Nashville architect Chris Magill. 3,500 volunteers laid rock, cleared debris, and mulched in an effort to rebuild the South Cove Trail. It follows a different path than the old trail of that name because the land was changed forever by the flood. Many individuals and entities gave the thousands of dollars it took to complete the trail renovation. Many thanks are in order. Wonderful job! The Deers are cheering from the highest ridge! You just thought it was Rocky Balboa jumping around up there.

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  1. The bridge is impressive. I bet there are no trolls living under this fine bridge.I love how you caught the geometric shadowplay. Beautiful photo.


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