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Radnor Reflections, April 25, 2011

I missed my Deer Friends and Radnor walks last week while we were on vacation. It was hard to believe how many changes there had been in a week when we walked this morning. Lush green is everywhere, the larkspur are long gone, and the honeysuckle is blooming in full force. I don’t know how I spotted this dragonfly, it was so well camouflaged among the honeysuckle blossoms.

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  1. If I sit quietly I can smell the sweet aroma of honesuckle wafting across the meadow near our Alabama home. The scent would fill the air in the spring.

  2. Wow, that dragonfly is really a great color for the spring leaves! I love the way the bigger dragons look sort of cloissone-like. Great catch! May I ask, what focal length was used? I used to end up with shots from too far away, our local dragonflies are uncooperative in the extreme.

    ahhhhh, the delicious scent(and taste, lol) of honeysuckle. Used to have a big orange-blossomed vine on the arbor/pergola thing out back that perfumed the whole back yard in season 🙂
    Hope ya had a great vacation!

    • Hi, Pete. I used a focal length of 30.5mm on Mr. Dragonfly. He was very cooperative, and made no attempt to get out of the way of my camera, which is the usual story of my photo life with animals – large or small!

      If honeysuckle would just stop popping up three to one in all the spots it isn’t wanted, it could be a loved plant. It’s beautiful in every season and smells so heavenly.

  3. 30.5mm ?!! Sheesh….please send a delegation of the local insects and animals to California to teach ours manners…your animals there CLEARLY operate under the rules of the fabled Southern Hospitality. In our yard, dragonflies are approachable to about full frame..if you use a 200mm telephoto! Too skittish for closer approach!


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