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Radnor Reflectionsd, May 12, 2011

Judging by the look on Ms. Turtle’s face, she had no sense of humor over the attention we were giving her, but, you can’t expect any privacy if you are going to lay your eggs in the middle of the trail.


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  1. She does look somewhat grumpy and annoyed. Harrumph!

  2. Lol! She does seem a little..displeased, doesn’t she? What a cool find for a portrait, though! I wonder how old she is to have attained that size?

    She’s right to be concerned, although she may be a bit safer than most-there in a preserve. If there are any feral cats or dogs ending up in that area from the surrounding built-up area, they will follow the trail of scent humans leave behind, as a first choice, to look for food; they know humans eventually lead to garbage/food. In this turtle’s case, she’s clearly survived long enough to have been through this a few times, lol. It’s cool to see the markings, up close like this, and see how they would camouflage in her lakeshore neighborhood, too!

    • Hi, Pete. I don’t know what would hurt her at Radnor. I’ve never seen a dog there except on the road where they are allowed on leash. Foxes, coyotes, maybe. Do you remember the wounded Snapping Turtle I posted last year? That one was about 18″ across the shell. We have speculated that it got in a fight with another snapper. What else would be brave enough to tangle with a snapping turtle? The Radnor soap opera episodes continue.

      • Yeah, I don’t know what would have any idea of attacking her at her size but with her nest where it is, so near the trail, chances are predators or scavengers will follow the human shoes to the eggs.
        Soap opera wraps it up nicely; I dunno how rangers at preservation areas do it, not meddling when a wee bit of doctoring, with no pampering, of course, can help circumscribed wild areas keep from losing a balance. Heh, soft touch me, lol.

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