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Where No Man Shall Go

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Lake Ramp

Radnor Reflections, May 16, 2011

I guess the rangers use this ramp, but no else does unless there is a special, organized event. The lake is closed to boating, swimming and fishing. The deer can strip all the bark off the trees, the beaver army can fell as many trees as they want, and rain and flood can wash out trails and cause the hillsides to  slide into the lake, but human destruction is the worst. Animals can’t read the posted signs to keep  joggers, strollers and pets off the trails and on the road. Humans can read, but very often choose to ignore. OK, when there is no poison ivy, I have gone just a few, tiny steps off the trail to get a picture, but I feel like a criminal. Those beaver do not have even one guilt pang. I know that.


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  1. Amen sister. Those living buzz saws have no guilt what-so-ever for the mess they make. Reminds me a lot of my children.


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