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Living in a Rain Forest

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Radnor Reflections, May 28, 2011

I toured a rain forest in Alaska once.  The process that creates and sustains it is nature at its recyclable best. When you live in one, however, it’s no party, just an endless cycle of growth, destruction, rot, growth, destruction, and so on.  That’s what we have around here these days; rain, mold, growth, rain, falling trees, Home Depot Garden Center, plant, rain, fungus, rot, rain, tornadoes, back to Home Depot, replant, rain…….. I took this picture of fungus covering a fallen tree at Radnor. I took the picture with my camera covered in plastic, the one thing that won’t rot, which seems like a good thing for a change.

I hope to walk at Radnor later today. At the moment, its raining.


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