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A Little Garnish

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Radnor Reflections, June 6, 2011

This pretty little starburst wildflower is Cowbane, a member of the large parsley family, but before you think about garnishing a plate with a sprig of white parsley, be aware that this plant is considered very poisonous! In some books this wildflower looks like another member of the parsley family, Field Hedge Parsley, which is eaten for its roots and leaves. I think I will continue to eat greens that are already vetted by the Kroger store.


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  1. I am impressed with your knowledge of wildflowers and your ability to identify so many.

    • It’s a somewhat frustrating activity because the book pictures often do not look like my photos, and I didn’t start with a very good knowledge of wildflowers. I approach it as an unsolved puzzle, sort of like Scrabble, so it becomes a game. I suspect I’m wrong a lot of the time. Corrections appreciated.


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