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Wild Bergamot

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Wild Bergamot

Radnor Reflections, June 10, 2011

Wild bergamot looks a great deal like the bee balm that grows in cultivated gardens because they are both members of the mint family and from the genus Monarda. I’ve only seen them blooming in one spot along the trail on the north side of the lake. The leaves may be made into a tea, and it has been used medicinally for digestive pain.

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  1. Hi Karol, your wild bergamot is waaay prettier than the stuff called “orange bergamot” that my sister introduced to the front yard. Looks like heftier leaves, too. The O bergamot out front leaves feel like they were cut from lightweight linen in too much humidity, lol. I tried the tea once, when I ran out of fresh peppermint for tea….and I believe i’ll leave it to those either braver or more desperate for relief….bleah, lol. Nice shot!


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