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Flowering Tree

Radnor Reflections, July 2, 2011

I was having trouble finding anything to take a picture of on our last Radnor walk, when I happened to look up. I don’t know what this tree is, because , although looking up was successful, looking it up was not.


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  1. Well, my limited time searching on native trees (making a wild leap of assumption right off the bat while totally lacking any evidence that it’s native, lol) didn’t turn up anything with flower bunches like that, unless they eventually grow much longer like a chokecherry. The flowers remind me of the structure of rattlesnake grass, out here, which clearly they are not-being a tree and all. Pretty things and a good photo for looking it up, from a more carefully constructed search set, perhaps.
    Nice find for a slow photo day. I think Radnor is just lulling you all before breaking out the Fall Frenzy, lol.

    • Hi Pete,
      Thanks for trying. I looked in two tree id books without success, and my searches are very carefully constructed searches. Not. I will try to remember to ask one of the rangers when I see one. Is it almost time for fall again? I think I missed something! Fall was such a pretty season at Radnor last year, but I’m not quite ready for it to come so soon.


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