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Foxtail Grass

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Foxtail Grass

Radnor Reflections, July 15, 2011

Not very far beyond the spillway bridge, we pass a patch of Foxtail Grass bending over the trail on our walks. It’s lovely backlit by the sun. Its seeds can be dangerous to dogs, creating anything from major irritation to eyes, ears and throat, to death if the toxins reach internal organs. Dogs aren’t supposed to be on the trail, so maybe it will remain beautiful, and not lethal.

Naming the plants I find at Radnor, as usual, isn’t a sure thing. Foxtail grass is my best guess after searching books and internet, but I’m grateful for corrections.

Foxtail grass

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  1. I love the way you divided the picture plane into 3 different textures and 3 different quantities of those textures, a great recipe for a successful photo. Beautiful, I can almost hear the breeze rustling the grass.

  2. The “current” of the seed-heads aiming towards the path is nicely reminiscent of a long-exposure shot of a brook, babbling over river cobbles. I’ve never been particularly happy about foxtails, having spent a good portion of my life removing the sharp, dried stickers from boots and shoes, socks, trouser seams, shirts, work gloves, rabbits, dogs, and cats, but that’s a nice image of the little stand of ’em.


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