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Summer Lake View

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RAdnor Lake

Radnor Reflections, July 16, 2011

It was time yesterday to get a summer view of the lake. The temperature had cooled a bit to the low 90s, and as long as we walked close to the lake, there was a breeze. Nevertheless, the lake was still, and the algae growing without control. I used a Paint the Moon texture layer to add the feeling of moisture hanging heavy in the air.  The spots are a nice addition, as that is what I’m usually looking through on the lenses of my glasses, that old Southern dewiness.


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  1. Urrgh..cooling to low 90s is not my idea of useful cooling, lol. Wow, the lake does grow an awful lot of algae. Is there usually this much or did the flooding carry off whatever was filling in the algae-eater niche in the local biotics? It’s a very picturesque composition of the lake, but I can’t help thinking the water’s a bit…green.

    • Too hot? Too green? That’s what I’ve been trying to say for two months! The algae is always there except for winter and after rain, and it was there before the flood. At the moment, there is not one drop of water going over the spillway, so there is no movement to carry the algae away.


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