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Radnor Lake Nature Center, Nashville, TN

Radnor Reflections, July 22, 2011

This is a three image panorama shot processed using Lightroom’s capability of sending multiple images to open in Photoshop to merge as a panorama. I haven’t researched independent programs that might offer more complex capabilities for doing this, because this method seems to work just fine.

Our heat wave has really caused the algae to grow in the lake.


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  1. Wow…heheheh…I hope no unwary UFOs decide to land on the nice flat, green “lawn area” by the lake, there. It could be quite embarrassing to hover and flit away dripping green blobs over a wide area . Hope no bird tries it either. Very nicely done; strange how the algae makes it look a bit like a meandering river in a high meadow. Can’t really tell it’s sweltering; good thing (strictly from the point of view of having vegetation) that your humidity is so dry. Hope you guys are carrying kegs of some Gatorade equivalent when you get out and about in that heat!


  2. Yes, the “dew” point is quite high these days. We’ve now walked in temperatures between 12 and 102 degrees. That’s actual degrees. I’m not sure what that heat index business is all about. I believe the country is ready for a cool-down.

    What is dry humidity, BTW?

    • “Dry humidity: is an environmental term for “gah, I really should proofread more carefully when I comment and mean to type ‘high,’ but instead mentally edit out a long-winded ramble about how my area is chapparal by nature and, when it heats up here, everything goes a sad sort of brown because it is so…yes..dry and I then incorrectly finish the written bit with ‘dry’ instead of ‘high’.” LOL Sorry!

      • Ha, ha! I have such faith in your knowledge that I actually thought there was going to be a learning moment here, that I would find out that there is such a thing as dry humidity. I do live in a part of the country, after all, where the phrase “dry drizzle” to some people means shower. OK, not very many people at all. A few. Enough to make you pay attention.

  3. I like the phrase “dry drizzle”. It very aptly describes the type of shower we had several days ago in which we experienced mostly sunny skies but the clouds that *were* there produced a fine virga that, while observable as fine falling drops, evaporated at two to three feet above the sunlight heated driveway. So while I went to get the mail from the box, I was being “spit on” from above (yes i checked for small birds-around here the hummers and finches can ‘rain’ as they fly across to their respective feeders) but there was no visible spotting on the asphalt. It was quite a whimsical sort of weather and dry drizzle suits, lol!


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