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Folded Lace

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Queen Anne's Lace

Radnor Reflections, July 24, 2011

I’d like to capture the opening of this Queen Anne’s Lace blossom in time-lapse photography.

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  1. What an interesting and beautiful flower. I love anything like this type…I called then fuzz balls since I never know their real names. I would love to see a time lapse also. Judy and I go weekly to the arboretum and therefore see how many different types of fuzz balls open. It is fascinating. Great shot.

  2. Thanks, Nancy. QAL is one of my favorite wildflowers. Maybe it is THE favorite. Is a weekly trip to the arboretum something the doctor ordered? Sounds like excellent therapy.

  3. Hi Karol, nice shot choice!
    Ya know…plant a container with it and you’d have controllable conditions……muahahahahahahahaaa…
    signed, the incorrigible experimenter.

    That would be fun…kind of a horticultural fireworks display. Could even expand out, find other plants that roll out this year’s model with similar opening, then find flowers that close up for evening and do a time-lapse dawn-to-dusk dance of the flowers type video; something to do in those mohths of spare time no one has, lol. Ah, the dangers of pondering posts before breakfast!

  4. sigh “months” not mohths. I need a typing-eye gerbil, lol.

    • Hi Pete, That sounds like an experiment that might be more suitable in areas with dry humidity. What’s for breakfast? It’s almost time for lunch here.

      • Arizona, perhaps? Maybe you ‘just add water’ to get real humidity there. Probably sell ‘dry humidity’ in the same places you get freeze-dried camping meals

        Alas, about a cup and a half of heated frozen cherries, a rice-flour waffle (yes, ick) about two tblsps of a low-sugar corn flake cereal mixed in the cherriesand two hard-boiled egg whites. I almost remember liking to eat, lol. Hope you had a fun lunch!

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