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Southern Wild Senna

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Radnor Reflections, August 1, 2011

Our new Garden Expert Deer has done it again. I sent her this picture, and the name, Southern Wild Senna, Senna marilandica, came in return email, along with a cite ( that gave me a picture of the seedpods. That was very exciting, because, since December, I’ve been holding on to a photo of the greatest seedpods without being able to find out what they are.  Lo and behold, they belong to the same plant the produced the yellow flowers I photographed last week. Here’s the unveiling of my photograph of the seedpods of Southern Wild Senna!

Senna seedpods

Southern Wild Senna is also called Maryland Senna, Locust Plant and Teaweed. It’s clearly a member of the bean family, is used as a potent laxative (which is more than I really want to know), and it is widespread in open woods and fields of the Eastern US. I can find out lots of information about a plant – once I know the name of it! Thank you, Deer Plant Expert.

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