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Radnor Reflections, August 2, 2011

The Deers want to know how these people rated a canoe trip around the lake!


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  1. Descendants of the Railway families? Local political royalty? Official bait to survey the lake for any Loch Ness-type critters? No matter what, I think I’d want to wait ’til the algae clears up a lot, lol. Maybe it’s a thing you can arrange with the rangers; it’d be cool to get your Deer people permitted to record the scene from on the lake outward and up the basin sides.
    The algae does seem to lend a strong reflective hand, though. Nice people on the lake’s such a rich greeeeen! Very restful and happy to look looking into an
    emerald on the eyes.

    • We don’t know if they were royalty, but it did warrant a few “Hmpffffs” from us. It was hot, and it was stinky, so we didn’t feel like complete peons, dutifully trudging around on the path, week in, week out, sweating in 100 degrees and freezing at ten degrees. Plus, we didn’t have to wear life jackets. It’s not all roses at the top!


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