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Virgin’s Bower

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Clematis Virgin's Bower

Radnor Reflections, August 3, 2011

This is Virgin’s Bower, Clematis Virginiana, a member of the Buttercup (Ranunculaceae) family.

The Deers have this plant ID thing down! We spy a tree or plant as we walk, Garden Expert Deer names it, lists its characteristics and the family it belongs to, and then we Photographer Deers take pictures. Now, if we can just coordinate the photographer Deers need for motionless macro subjects with Garden Expert Deer’s need to pluck a leaf, and pull blossoms closer to her for whiff tests. It’s a simple matter of timing. I know we can do it.


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  1. I recently learned that this species is pretty similar to the Clematis drummondii that I’ve been photographing in central Texas:

    Now you can look forward to the plant’s fluffy stage.

    • Your photo reminded me of the blossoms on the Hellebores. No wonder. Clematis, of which Virgin’s Bower in one, and Hellebores are both in the Ranunculaceae family. Family resemblance!

  2. Ah yes, clematis, love ’em, except they do tend to wander… The one on the fence in the backyard has strayed to the point that it can be seen climbing about three-quarters up the guy-wire of the utility pole about halfway across our neighbors backyard. They have apparently counterattacked, with a ‘potato vine’ that has now nearly come up over our fence and across the old shuffleboard driveway to join ‘hands’ with the mountain of untamed cecile brunner rose on the other side, lol. Do you know what keeps the clematis from taking over the Radnor environs? I’d love to know if you find out. Maybe i can encourage that here…
    That different variety looks quite elegant with the splay of white wand-like parts. Have you tried using a small dual flash setup on a bracket to drop the background a bit to increase the ‘sculptural’ attributes? Might also be interesting with the Queen Anne’s Lace. I tended to get a little too dependent on my lights and drop the background to black, but we all know about me and overboard, heh. KInda like me and not-succinct….inevitable :o)

  3. Hi Pete, I do have a little flash reflector thing that fits on the top of the G-11 that I could try. I doubt it would have an effect, though, with nothing to bounce off of. Occasionally, I use the flash, but haven’t been very happy with the results. The answer would be to take the heavy camera with more sophisticated capabilities, but, it’s just too hot at the moment. -k-

  4. No, I agree, a straight-on bounce fill light wouldn’t help. The dual light setup is more like modeling lights, set aside from the camera to either side so they can be adjusted to light Form. That’s what allows one to have a totally lit subject and range from including the sunlit background or powering up the flashes to drop the back to black.
    And no, I can’t imagine carrying and fussing with it all in the kind of heat I’d been forgetting you’re having!


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