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Nurse Log

Radnor Reflections, August 6, 2011

The rainforest principle is at work at Radnor Lake. There are many fallen, decomposing tree trunks that provide nutrients for mushrooms, funguses, insects and animals. In many cases they supply beauty for the eye as well as examples of nature’s innate order and grand design.  I had never heard the term ‘nurse log’ until Plant Expert Deer referred to this log as such. I’m not blaming the nurse log for nurturing the poison ivy growing all around it. Evil must be represented as part of the grand design scheme. Now, where’s that Round-up?


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  1. PI is evil! But, nurse logs are good.

  2. If the poison ivy helps feed the deer, like the poison oak does out here, I can overlook some. It must be said, however, that if that is the case the deer at Radnor have fallen down badly on their control role, lol. Those white and dark brown fungus look like someone made them from velvets, and I’m just seeing in your picture how many different colors (chemical concentrations from fungus??) there are showing up on the log, Oh to be in the woods now that the fungus is flourishing 🙂
    I haven’t heard the term “nurse log” before-interesting! Great post, thanks!

    • I don’t know if deer can eat PI without repercussions. They don’t have any trouble eating the bark off all the trees! Glad you liked the Nurse Log blog. Thanks.


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