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Food Chain

Sticks in the water

Radnor Reflections, August 10, 2011

Blame it on the heat, but what I see here is a stick man representation of the food chain at work. Glub. Glub. Chomp!

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  1. Lolol! “This Just In:Alligator stick-figures invade local lake, stick-figure fish, turtle and waterfowel numbers on the decline! Filmstrip at Eleven…”
    Wonderful bit of whimsy 😀

    • Pete, it’s a sticky situation at Radnor these days. I was sure you would see the seriousness of what we’re dealing with.

      • Lololol! Hey Karol, thanks for the morning laugh 🙂 And I see that the blog continues, there is another post today, and we blog fans can rest easy that you haven’t decided to hang it up. ‘Going out’ on a limb, as it were…

  2. Great shot! It’s clear that you take every opportunity to branch out. I beleaf it is a very good thing.

    • Help! Help! I’m surrounded! Tangled in the roots of puns and wordplay that have established themselves in my blog. Far from hanging it up, I’m going to stick it out, because in the end, it’s really a big tree-t!


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