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Deer Down!

Shadows of people

Radnor Reflections, August 31, 2011

Into each life some rain must fall (and do we ever wish it would fall into everyone’s life in Middle TN these days!). A rolling stone gathered Deer Jayne into a crumpled pile on the trail today with a bloody knee and an ankle that wouldn’t work just right. We knew there was trouble when she asked if anyone heard that snap. While we were gathered around Deer Jayne waiting for her to decide if we needed to call the Wilderness Rescue Team, or start making a travois, another walker coming along the trail stopped, announced she was a nurse, and began assessing the damage.  When she finished and we hauled Deer Jayne to her feet (foot?), Nurse Marnie gave Deer Jayne her walking stick and said just to leave it at the Visitor’s Center and she would retrieve it.  Radnor walkers are good people. See the stick, and Deer Jayne in the photo as she limped  the remaining mile back to the parking lot.

Addendum: Deer Jayne will be wearing an ankle to knee orthopedic boot for the next 6 weeks, but she is allowed to walk as long as she has the boot on.


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