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Life Through a Web

Spider Web

Radnor Reflections, September 13, 2011

When the sun shines through in just the right direction, the magical spider web takes center stage. I’ve read that the spider builds a new web every day, after consuming the old one! I’m sure her children are taught to pick up their toys, too. Or else!


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  1. You did get a great capture.

  2. Cool! Nice job getting flat to it for the full web..and I love the strange way the blue green leaves in the background shadow make it appear as if there is a slightly choppy water background; of course, that may be just my latest permutation in eyesight, lol. Great web shot, that’s the kind of orb weaver for which you cross your fingers for high dew point and a low sunrise..get those droplet diamonds strung on 🙂


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