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Painted by October

Lake View

Radnor Reflections, October 11, 2011

The April larkspur turning the hillsides to purple is amazing, and January’s snow and ice turn the lake into a wonderland, but if it comes down to a vote, I’m going with October.


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  1. Wow, that’s beautiful. Funny, I don’t miss the algae at all now that the lake and environs are wearing their postcard best! This computer needs Enviro-vision, though, ’cause your shot makes me wanna be outside at the scene and this room “just ain’t doin’ it for me”. Even the fan with the “variable breeze’ ridiculousness doesn’t help, lol. Is there a lot of birdsong in the Lake area in Fall?

    • Hi Pete, All our computers could use some Envirovision! There is a lot of birdsong at Radnor right now, but it is more accurately named bird noise, with honking, gobbling, shrieking, scolding, and echoing from flocks flying overhead as they get out of Dodge.


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