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Red Tail Hawk

Red Tail Hawk

Radnor Reflections, October 15, 2011

This pretty fellow attracted quite a bit of attention at Radnor yesterday. He was in no hurry to leave his perch on a branch above Otter Creek Road, giving all walkers, and even some of the rangers, time to observe him. They said he was a red tail hawk, and while I didn’t see any red, his talons certainly qualified him to be a hawk of some sort. We did not see any other small creatures in the vicinity. The protection of a nature preserve only goes so far.


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  1. A couple of weeks ago, while walking along the river close to my house, I stumbled upon some wings flopping in the bushes. I thought it must be an owl eating prey, but to my surprise a beautiful large Red Tail hawk jumped up to an eye level branch above where the ruckus was occurring. With sunlight shinning on it’s brown spotted white breast, we both stared at one another for as long as it would take for two other hikers to walk down the same path– scarring the beautiful bird away. I had just experienced a once in a lifetime experience, but I didn’t know it was a Red Tail hawk until I went home and looked at my bird book. Apparently, Red Tail’s territory spans almost all of the upper part of U.S.. I wish my experience on all lucky enough to stumble upon such a beautiful predator!

  2. Several of our red tails were out hunting yesterday flying high above the park.
    Nice shot.

    • Thanks. I’ll be watching for signs of hawks at the lake from now on. There’s always something new to see, even in familiar territory. Or maybe especially in familiar territory.


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