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Radnor Reflections, October 23, 2011

The sun back lights some wildflowers that have formed a cottony substance like milkweed. I’ll ask Plant Expert Deer, but I think these might be ironweed after the  purple flowers have finished blooming.

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  1. The seasonal change is so cool there, out here we have the basics spring green, summer-fall olive green to brown, winter brown unless rain greens the hills and back to spring green. At least before the freeway came through there used to be fields of wild mustard and big thistles for some flowers. And, of course, the vibrant reds of the poison oak, lol. You’re getting some sweeter light and the fall spectrum-woohoo! Lovely 🙂
    Does the cottony stuff develop into the sailing devices akin to salsify or dandelion or is it meant to just cling to animals to help the seeds wander about? If ya know offhand, otherwise, “no worries”!


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