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Radnor Reflections, October 26, 2011

If you were looking through these brand new (since our walk yesterday morning when there was no sign of such devices) telescopes, you would see 20 or 30 geese lined up on a log jutting out from that point of land.  You could almost see their individual feathers! This is a first for Radnor. The problem is that a telescope doesn’t take a picture. So what good is it?

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  1. Weeelllll, in theory you could, if they have enough range of focus, focus one behind the eyepiece and take a closeup or macro of the projected telescope image, but I’d hate to feed that thing quarters until I had it set up well enough to take a clean shot, lolol. Might be used to see if there are any sunning turtles to go photograph, or to watch for the Loch Radnor Monster, should one decide to immigrate.

    • Why can’t they supply us with a nice, long Canon telephoto lens instead of those telescope thingys? We could check one out on the honor system when we get to Radnor to walk. I could suggest that, but they would just tell me to get a focus on reality.


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