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December Begins

Honeysuckle Berries

Radnor Reflections, December 1, 2011

This day at Radnor was made to order for the first of December. Deep frost coated every leaf and branch with an outline of icy white crystals. Frosted seed pods on plants looked like cotton candy on sticks beside the trail. Bright sun burned  the fog off the lake, sending it in waves over the spillway along with excess water from the past several days’ rain. Mr. Redtail Hawk sat on a branch and enjoyed the morning, or maybe he was waiting for the fog to clear so he could enjoy breakfast. The honeysuckle (reviled by militant gardeners) that lines Otter Creek Rd at the eastern end was sugar coated with frost, glowing with an inner iridescence against the gray of the fog and lake. No apologist for the disparaged honeysuckle, I still see beauty in it, and would rather fall into an invasive honeysuckle bush than a native poison ivy patch.

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  1. perfect photo for today. very pretty!

  2. Makes me want a frosty cranberry beverage! The perfect photo for the season. (One of these days I AM going to get back to the Music City and we WILL have our lunch!)

    • I’m counting on it. I’m still suffering from disappointment that you didn’t get here in Nov! I am glad that you are posting again. Loved your Thanksgiving family portraits.


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