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Breakfast Delayed

Red TAil Hawk

Radnor Reflections, December 6, 2011

As mad as this red tail hawk looks, there is an equally frightened, and grateful, squirrel below it.

It rained buckets yesterday, and it was still misting as we walked. I once heard an old country Tennessean describe a light rain as a dry drizzle, and I’m sure that description fits the weather this morning. It was gray and still, when suddenly the peace was interrupted with a powerful thunk. A bit alarmed, I turned to see the squirrel shooting like a rocket into a hollow log. I couldn’t imagine how it might have made such a loud noise. It wasn’t the squirrel, however, but the hawk, sitting on the ground at the precise point where the squirrel had been. The hawk had a hard time accepting the fact that his breakfast had escaped, but finally flew off.  I saw the red feathers in its tail this time.  The squirrel will probably be in that log for a good long time.  I know I would be!

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  1. I have a feeling the “Deer Friends” see more at Radnor than most. I guess it’s all about the looking.

  2. The squirrel is probably still hyperventilating in the log at this moment, hah. I’m kinda glad that your shot for the day *isn’tI* of the hawk pulling gobbets of fresh squirrel from breakfast’s form. Nice shot of the hawk, there. I’m a bit jealous that you’re out in the interesting weather-I thihk I was overprotective of my camera after reading the warnings in the manual, lol. Looking forward to going back through the frost and color, bit by bit 🙂

    • No squirrel gobbets from this photographer! The whole thing was quite something to see. I’ll check on that squirrel in a little bit. We’re walking this morning, I think. There is some wavering among the group, as it’s supposed to be raining/snowing. I keep my camera in a small sling bag that opens at the top, so I can drop the camera in the bag between shots if its raining. I (almost) always take the little G11 to Radnor, so its easy to get it under cover. It would be a different matter with the DSLR. I don’t take it in inclement weather.


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