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Swan Song

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April 6, 2012

OK, it’s a turkey, not a swan, but this preening, fan-tailed creature is as close  to a swan as I’ve seen at Radnor. I needed an appropriate photo to use to close my Radnor Reflections blog, and look what waggled and gobbled in! I’m still going to walk and wonder at Radnor Lake, and I will take photos, but they will show up in Three Dog Studio along with my other ramblings and photographic efforts. I have loved sharing my walks with the Deers at Radnor through this blog. Thanks to everyone who read and /or commented over the past two years.  Please join me over at Three Dog Studio!


Breakfast Delayed

Red TAil Hawk

Radnor Reflections, December 6, 2011

As mad as this red tail hawk looks, there is an equally frightened, and grateful, squirrel below it.

It rained buckets yesterday, and it was still misting as we walked. I once heard an old country Tennessean describe a light rain as a dry drizzle, and I’m sure that description fits the weather this morning. It was gray and still, when suddenly the peace was interrupted with a powerful thunk. A bit alarmed, I turned to see the squirrel shooting like a rocket into a hollow log. I couldn’t imagine how it might have made such a loud noise. It wasn’t the squirrel, however, but the hawk, sitting on the ground at the precise point where the squirrel had been. The hawk had a hard time accepting the fact that his breakfast had escaped, but finally flew off.  I saw the red feathers in its tail this time.  The squirrel will probably be in that log for a good long time.  I know I would be!



Radnor Reflections, November 30, 2011

This is Beam. We’ve never seen him at Radnor before. The two legs behind Beam belong to Steve, Radnor’s head honcho. We see Steve a lot, but always before with a head, body and arms, in addition to legs. Beam comes for crowd control on weekends, which is why we have never seen him. We do not come on weekends. Period. We had been discussing turkeys while on our walk, a logical subject the week after Thanksgiving, so we asked Steve if he knew anything about them. He began by asking how much we wanted to know, and ended with the command to go and write a book. I hope I didn’t use the words ‘herd of turkeys’ at any time during the conversation. Beam was pretty anxious to get on with his duties, and said he didn’t have time to pose for a decent picture. Just like William, but more polite.

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkeys in trees

Radnor Reflections, November 24, 2011

Who says turkeys can’t fly? Maybe the wing action is specific to the November need of the turkey to make itself scarce? They’re safe if they stay within the preserve, assuming the days of poachers at Radnor are a thing of the past.

I love last year’s picture of the turkey face-off. These were puffed up, strutting and gobbling, with their heads bobbing forward and back like, “King Tut, DA, da, DA, da, DA da, DA.  Such funny birds.


Turkey face-off

Personally, I prefer Honey Baked Ham to turkey on Thanksgiving.  We don’t see any pigs on our Radnor walks.

That Reminds Me….


Radnor Reflections, November 6, 2011

…’s almost Thanksgiving.

In a Fog


Radnor Reflections

We were treated to this picture of gracefulness as we walked in yesterday’s early morning fog.

Red Tail Hawk

Red Tail Hawk

Radnor Reflections, October 15, 2011

This pretty fellow attracted quite a bit of attention at Radnor yesterday. He was in no hurry to leave his perch on a branch above Otter Creek Road, giving all walkers, and even some of the rangers, time to observe him. They said he was a red tail hawk, and while I didn’t see any red, his talons certainly qualified him to be a hawk of some sort. We did not see any other small creatures in the vicinity. The protection of a nature preserve only goes so far.